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Fired 7-Eleven Manager Says ‘No’ to Sexually Explicit Magazines

December 2, 1986

SUPERIOR, Wis. (AP) _ The owners of a 7-Eleven store who want to continue selling sexually explicit magazines have fired a two-time manager-of-the-year for refusing to stock Playboy and Penthouse.

Dean Krych, who has managed the store for seven years, was fired Monday and left the store to join a rally across the street with about 300 suppoters.

″They gave me an ultimatum and I had to stand up for what I believe in,″ Krych said, adding he would return to his job only if the store owner pulls Playboy and Penthouse magazines from all its 14 area stores.

″I’m not concerned about having lost my job,″ Krych said. ″What’s important is the message we’re all sending to 7-Eleven that this community doesn’t want pornography in our stores.″

Gary Nelson, vice president of operations for Wymodak Corp, the Devner- based owner of the store, declined to comment on Krych’s firing, saying it was a personnel matter. The company owns 71 of the convenience stores in seven states.

Southland Corp. of Dallas, which owns the bulk of 7-Eleven convenience stores in the country, earlier this year pulled all sexually explicit magazines from its stores. Nelson said continued sales of the magzines in Wymodak stores was a business decision.

″We realize some people are sensitive to the issue so we sell only to adults and keep them out of children’s reach,″ he said.

Krych pulled the magazines off the store’s shelves in April.

Wymodak, which in 1985 purchased 14 7-Eleven stores from Southland Corp. in in the area, took no action until Oct. 26 when company officials told Krych he must display the magazines or lose his job.

″This isn’t a case of competency. He was obviously an excellent manager,″ said Don Wildmon, founder and president of the National Federation for Decency. ″It’s a case of the company putting the dollar ahead of the community’s beliefs ... and I hear Duluth (Minn.) and Superior speaking up loudly agaisnt so-called soft-porn and against the stores that sell it.″

Wildmon said his organization’s two-year boycott of Southland-owned 7- Eleven stores helped end sales of explicit magazines at the outlets.

″It worked with Southland and it will work with Wymodak,″ Wildmon said.

Krych said he worked to halt Southland’s sales of the magazines when his store was owned by the Texas company.

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