Train derails west of Needles

July 15, 2018

NEEDLES — The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is reporting that a major train derailment of about 15 cars has occurred across U.S. 95 just north of I-40. As a result, U.S. 95 is closed between the Nevada Border and I-40.

According to the NDOT, flooding caused a mudslide at U.S. 95, 10 miles south of the Nevada Border. The National Transportation Safety Board is to investigate. The road remains closed.

Note: We are hearing there were no injuries and the derailment was likely weather-related. The photos are from the Twitter feed of Caltrans District 8; see https://twitter.com/Caltrans8/status/1017919210700226560/photo/1; link forwarded by Capt. Ross Tarangle, San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, Needles Colorado River Station. - ed.https://twitter.com/Caltrans8/status/1017919210700226560

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