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Mrs. Gingrich To Get Some Records

November 23, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A judge on Tuesday ordered a woman linked romantically to Newt Gingrich to provide Gingrich’s wife with an array of personal and financial records bearing on their relationship.

But Superior Court Judge Brook Hedge, mediating a dispute between lawyers for Marianne Gingrich and congressional staffer Callista Bisek, issued orders barring public disclosure of any aspect of Ms. Bisek’s telephone and financial records not relating directly to the former House speaker.

``I really don’t want to have out in the public domain all of this witness’ private life, except where it deals with Mr. Gingrich,″ she said.

Mrs. Gingrich’s lawyers are scheduled to question Ms. Bisek for the first time on Dec. 14 in preparation for a trial next year in Georgia of the couple’s bitter divorce lawsuit. They have been seeking the documents to review before that deposition.

John Mayoue, an attorney for Mrs. Gingrich, said the documents may show that Gingrich used Ms. Bisek’s credit cards and bank accounts to finance their relationship in order to hide it from Mrs. Gingrich.

Mayoue also suggested that the documents, including notes between Gingrich and Ms. Bisek, may be used to question Gingrich’s credibility by comparing his actions with his public comments about both his wife and President Clinton’s relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Randy Evans, Gingrich’s attorney, monitored the hearing but did not participate. Afterward, he said Mrs. Gingrich’s lawyers appear to be following a strategy of ``chase the girlfriend and eventually they’ll pay you to stop chasing her.″

Mrs. Gingrich also was in the courtroom Tuesday but declined to comment. Mayoue said she was gratified that the judge gave her ``virtually every document and every tangible item she’s been asking for since Sept. 10.″

Gingrich’s lawyers have said his ``intimate relationship″ with Ms. Bisek began in November 1993, about a year before the Republican takeover of the House led to his election as speaker.

Ms. Bisek’s lawyer, Pamela Bresnahan, would not confirm that statement in court Tuesday. She said Ms. Bisek told Gingrich’s lawyers in a deposition this month only that the two ``really started to know each other″ in 1993. She said she would not characterize when or if a physical relationship existed.

Gingrich, 56, filed for divorce in July, saying the couple’s 18-year marriage was ``irrevocably broken.″ His first marriage also ended in divorce.

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