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Israelis Claim New Kissing Record

April 7, 1999

JERUSALEM (AP) _ After kissing for what they called a world-record 30 hours and 45 minutes, an Israeli couple was treated for fatigue at a hospital Wednesday.

Martin Downham, the head of research at the Guinness Book of Records, said he still had to verify the world record claim of the Israeli couple, Dror Orpaz and Karmit Tsubera.

The previous kissing record of 29 hours was set last year in New York.

The pair was among 300 couples who participated in a marathon kissing contest sponsored by a U.S. toothpaste company.

The contest, held in Tel Aviv’s main square, kicked off at 8:30 p.m. Monday. By 3 p.m. Tuesday, only two couples remained, and 12 hours later Orpaz and Tsubera were the only ones still kissing.

After breaking their embrace, they were treated at nearby Ichilov Hospital for fatigue and given a medical checkup.

They won a trip around the world and $2,500 in cash.

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