Accepting Medicaid money is pro-life -- Nancy Sanborn

May 26, 2019

The State Journal editorial ” Taking federal Medicaid money makes financial sense ” and John Nichols’ column ” Tony Evers is fighting for all of our lives,” both published on May 12 in the State Journal, have clearly and persuasively explained the many good reasons Wisconsin should accept Medicaid expansion funds. So have several recent letters to the editor.

I cannot add anything new to these excellent arguments. But I would like to particularly address my plea to those Republican legislators and other Wisconsin citizens who, as I do, identify themselves as pro-life.

The additional Medicaid funds would provide health care to an estimated 82,000 Wisconsinites, many of whom would otherwise lack coverage. The result would most certainly be many lives saved, potentially at least as many as or more than the number that might be saved by enacting proposed stricter anti-abortion laws.

If we pro-lifers are serious about believing in the sanctity of every human life, is it not hypocritical to oppose this chance to save so many lives? We should not only be among the 70% of Wisconsin voters in favor of accepting the Medicaid expansion, we should be leading the way in demanding it.

Please contact your legislators and register your support for this rare pro-life opportunity.

Nancy Sanborn, Madison

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