Look for changes on looped bus routes

February 8, 2019

Starting Monday, four Rochester bus routes will be tweaked to remove unneeded complexity in the system.

The changes to routes 2, 6B, 9, and 12 are also expected to increase efficiency in the operations and lay the foundation for future service expansion, according to Rochester Public Transit officials, who first announced the changes on the buses in late January.

Each of the routes makes a loop for all or part of its trip. While the buses currently travel the loops in different directions during the morning and afternoon, starting Monday they travel in one direction throughout the day.

The changes are:

• Route 2 morning trips, which serve Quarry Hill, Teton Lane and Silver Lake Center, will change to match the direction of the afternoon trips.

• Route 6B afternoon trips, which serve Crossroads Shopping Center and Bethel Lutheran Church, will change to match the direction of the morning trips.

• Route 9 afternoon trips, which serve Rochester Athletic Center, Cinemagic and the Hylands, will change to match the direction of the morning trips.

• Route 12 afternoon trips, which serve IBM, Walmart North, Homestead and the Gates, will change to match the direction of the morning trips.

The route modifications will change some arrival or departure times by as much as 20 minutes. Detailed timetables are available on board the affected routes in newly printed schedules, and on the RPT website, www.rptride.com.

Rochester Public Transit Principal Transit Planner Bryan Law said the changes align with the agency’s five-year Transit Development Plan. Specifically, they will reduce undue complexity for transit operations and will help make the transit system easier for riders to understand, especially new riders.

The changes also are intended to make the system operate more equitably. Currently, by running routes in opposite directions in the mornings and afternoons, some riders are always at the far end of the route. By running the same direction all day, riders who are picked up earlier on the route in the morning — and thus have a longer ride back to downtown — will get the benefit of being dropped off at home earlier in the afternoon.

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