August 25, 2018

Clyde Maynard

MR. CLYDE MAYNARD, 88, of Lavalette, formerly of Dunlow, W.Va., went to be with the Lord on August 21, 2018, in Cornerstone Hospital. Funeral services will be conducted on Sunday, August 26, 2018, at 2 p.m., with visitation from noon to service time, at Morris Funeral Homein Wayne, with Brothers Roger Maynard and Jason Ross officiating. Burial service will follow in Silas Copley Cemetery, Dunlow, W.Va. Clyde was born on April 23, 1930, a son of the late Jarrett R. Maynard and Gracie Perry Maynard in Wayne County, W.Va. He attended Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Ohio. Also preceding him in death were his wife, Zenira C. Maynard; a son, David Jarrett Maynard; a brother, Gene Maynard; and a sister, Almedith Workman. Surviving Clyde are his two precious sons, Dan and Shawn Maynard of Michigan and Dennis Clyde Maynard and Vanessa Riddle of Lavalette, W.Va.; two granddaughters, Michelle Kulbars and Danielle Shick; and three great-grandchildren, David Marshal, Tyler Wild and Elma; seven sisters, Flora and Tennis Maynard of Deland, Fla., Alberta Queen, Thelma and Millard Baisden, Lula and Ronnie Meade, Gloria Maynard, all of Huntington, W.Va., Delilah Grunlob of Tennessee and Diana and Thurman Rowe of Lavalette, W.Va. And four surviving brothers are Loyd D. Maynard of Tampa, Fla., and E.J. and Hazel Maynard of Margate, Fla., Glenn and Mimi Maynard of Kenova and Dewey and Gail Maynard of Huntington. He had many nieces and nephews who loved him dearly, plus a wonderful caregiver, Mary McGraw. Clyde Maynard was led by principle. Dad loved God, his family and country. He proudly served his country during the Korean conflict, spending 18 months in combat, receiving five Bronze Stars from all five major battles, along with many citations and combat awards. Clyde was a mason and lifelong member in good standing with the Westgate Lodge #520. Dad’s passions were American and military history, political science and baseball. He couldn’t be fooled on these subjects and could probably teach the Marshall professor a thing or two. He always treated people with respect and you knew where he stood. He started cutting timber at age 12 with his brother Gene and always paid his debts and never wanted special treatment. Dad lost his wife and sacrificed his life to raise his young boys on his own. There is not enough that can be said about how proud we are that Clyde Maynard is our dad. He retired from Cadillac motors in Detroit, Michigan, with 30 years of service. After retirement, Dad wanted to come back to his Wayne County, West Virginia, to be near his loving family. Dad’s final resting place is near the old homestead. Our darling dad, we love you; we miss you. To my darling: I asked God to let this letter find you. I can’t say it was love at first sight. In fact, I can’t remember the first time we met or I laid my eyes on you. It just seems to me you were there everywhere I went. I guess you could say you just kind of grew on me. I learned to recognize your voice, and it was a comfort to me. In your eyes I could see the passion and love you had for me. My eyes would light up when I saw you coming to me. I would reach for you and in your arms you would take me, and it’s here I felt the safest. We spent a lot of time together, you and I. You did most of the talking; I did most of the listening. At night you would tuck me in, and in the morning you would be gone again. To provide for me, you worked hard; you worked long. You protected me. Almost like clockwork you would be back again. You and I spending time again. You played with me and read to me; in a crowd or in danger you were around; it was your hand that I found. If I grew tired or I was scared, in your arms I felt no fear. You called me your darling; you called me your son. You told me just have fun. You taught me about God; you taught me morals. You taught me about great men; you taught me on God and myself to depend. You sacrificed for me so I could go places you never’ve been. You said if I fall, you would catch me. To have no fear, to reach for the sky, you would be near. You gave me confidence when I had none. Like clockwork you were gone again, back again, you and I spending time again. I did most the talking. You did most the listening. I grew tall. I grew strong. I was bigger. I knew more than you. I reached for the sky, I spread my wings, I learned to fly, is what I did. Around the world is where I went, without morals that you sent. Like clockwork. I was gone again. Back again, you and I spending less time. Above the clouds is where I flew; having fun is what I did. Sacrifices I wouldn’t take. Heartaches, all I could make. To a different view is where I flew, above the clouds, where no one knew. Self-absorbed, forgetting all I knew. Lots of chances did I have, wasted all is what I did. Fly straight. I would not. Fly loops is what I did. Stop I could not. Like clockwork I was gone again, back again, you and I spending less time. Different and bigger, faster and higher is what I knew. A disgrace is what I became. Far and hard is how I fell. Alone and ashamed is how I felt. Smart I was not, and God I forgot. Mistakes are all I made. You called me your darling. You called me your son. How could this be? Look how far I am from where we began. To the sound of your voice I walked. It was a comfort to me. Your eyes lit up when you saw me coming to you. I could see in your eyes the passion and love you had for me. Your arms reached to me. In your arms you held me. You kissed me. Your love, you said, would always reach me. You called me your darling. You called me your son. You picked me up again. Here we go again, almost where we began. Like clockwork, I was gone again, back again. You and I spending time together again. Your eyes became dimmer than mine. My voice became a comfort to you. In my eyes you could see the passion and love I had for you. Your eyes would light up when you saw me coming to you. I would reach for you, and in my arms I would take you, and it’s here you felt the safest. At night I would tuck you in. I read to you. I held you, too. In a crowd or danger around, it was my hand that you found. I protected you. If you grew tired or were scared, in my arms you felt no fear. I called you my darling; I called you my dad. I told you if you fall, I would catch you. Just have fun. Have no fear, to reach for the sky, I would be near. I gave you confidence. Your hand I did not hold. I just couldn’t let you go. You are the greatest man I know. On my knees I fell. To the God I knew, I begged for you. I prayed for you. I cried for you. Higher than I ever flew and farther than I’ve ever gone, heaven is where you went. Everywhere I fly. Everywhere I go. Inside of me, you will always be. You are the best part of me. Anyone will ever know. I am proud to call you my darling. I am proud to call you my dad. I love you. Till we meet again. Love, your son, Dennis Clyde Maynard.

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