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French President Says New U.N. Resolution Likely Within Three Weeks With PM-Gulf Rdp

November 21, 1990

PARIS (AP) _ President Francois Mitterrand said today that a U.N. resolution authorizing an eventual use of force against Iraq would likely be adopted within three weeks.

″With the passage of time, if there is no real progress, the danger grows,″ Mitterrand told a news conference hours after the close of a 34- nation summit hosted by France.

The French leader said that he was asked by President Bush if a resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq were needed. ″I told him yes.″

″We are prepared to discuss it,″ Mitterrand said, reiterating France’s declared readiness to talk about such a resolution. ″As far as its being put into effect, that’s another matter. There is nothing automatic.″

He said the resolution would be discussed soon and ″should be adopted within the next three weeks.″ Bush has been trying to gain support for a Security Council resolution that would authorize force against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to get him to withdraw from occupied Kuwait.

The American effort was discussed in numerous U.S.-Soviet meetings during the conference. But Bush went away from the conference with no public nod of consent from the Soviets.

Asked about the Soviet position, Mitterrand replied: ″It is no great mystery. Mr. Gorbachev ... let it be understood that it (a new resolution) would be possible for the Soviet Union,″ especially ″if that would weigh on the resolve of Mr. Saddam Hussein.″

Saddam must be made to understand he must cede and withdraw from Kuwait, ″or the die will be cast,″ Mitterrand said.

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