Purse Snatchers

September 20, 2018

I read a story about a Sale Lake couple who were loading their groceries into their car. The lady had her handbag in the seat where a child would sit. A couple in a car came along, grabbed the handbag and quickly took off in a car.

Ladies, secure your handbag with the strap and buckle in the seat of the grocery cart. Run the strap through the strap on your handbag and snap the buckle. If the buckle is broken, get another cart.

I have done this for years. Someone would have a difficult time stealing your handbag. Do not remove your handbag until you have returned the cart. End of story, keys to the couple’s home were in the ladies handbag.

After filing a police report and returning home, the thieves had gone into the couple’s home, ransacked the home and stole some valuables. Buckle Up! Do not be a victim.

Ava Tracy,

Bannock County

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