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Tourist Hurt While Fleeing Shower of Ash from Volcano

March 27, 1989

STROMBOLI, Sicily (AP) _ A volcano on the island of Stromboli spewed a shower of ash Sunday and a West German tourist fell and broke her arm as she fled down the mountainside, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

It said there were no other casualties and authorites did not see any cause for concern after the eruption Sunday morning.

The volcano, which dominates the small island north of Sicily, has been relatively inactive for about three years but almost daily it sends forth bursts of flames and smoke, according to ANSA. The agency said the displays attract tourists who ascend the mountain’s slopes with guides.

ANSA identified the injured woman as Ulrike Wender, 20, of Hohenwaret, West Germany. It said a group of tourists had camped overnight on the mountain after watching the nocturnal show of fire.

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