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Prosecutors Want to Bar McDougal From Citing 1990 Acquittal

January 27, 1996

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) _ Whitewater prosecutors asked a judge Friday to bar James McDougal, the Clintons’ former business partner, from using his 1990 acquittal on banking violations as a defense in his upcoming trial.

Independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s office filed the request in U.S. District Court, saying McDougal and his co-defendants, former wife Susan McDougal and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, shouldn’t be allowed to refer to the 1990 acquittal.

``A prior acquittal may not be introduced as evidence to demonstrate innocence, and it is irrelevant to these proceedings except in the narrow context of establishing a double-jeopardy claim, which this court has rejected,″ prosecutors wrote in their motion.

Sam Heuer, a lawyer for McDougal, said he would oppose the government’s request.

The McDougals, who co-owned the Whitewater land venture with the Clintons, were charged last August with fraudulently obtaining about $3 million in loans during the mid-1980s from federally backed lenders.

Tucker faces 11 counts, James McDougal 19 counts and Susan McDougal eight counts. Their trial is set for March 4.

Both the 1990 case and the current case arose in connection with McDougal’s ownership of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, which failed at a cost to taxpayers of $65 million.

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