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Entry Denied to Hong Kong Lawmaker

September 12, 1999

HONG KONG (AP) _ A Hong Kong lawmaker known for her vocal criticism of Beijing’s intervention in the territory’s legal system said Sunday she was barred from visiting the Chinese mainland to attend a legal seminar.

Margaret Ng, a lawyer who represents the legal sector in the legislature, said she was not able to board a Dragon Airlines plane for Beijing on Sunday because the airline said Chinese immigration officials had revoked her visa.

Ng, who holds a British passport, said in a phone interview she had received no official reason for Beijing’s action.

Although Beijing does not recognize dual nationality, the Hong Kong government allows a limited number of Hong Kong residents holding foreign passports to sit in the legislature.

A Hong Kong government spokeswoman said immigration matters concerning the mainland were handled by the authorities in Beijing. She said the Hong Kong government is willing to convey Ng’s complaint to the immigration authorities there.

Ng has criticized the Hong Kong government for seeking Chinese intervention in the territory’s legal system in June, when Beijing overturned a local court ruling that would have given a large number of mainland Chinese the right to enter the territory.

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