Plea entered for former Beaver Dam woman accused if identity theft

August 17, 2018

JUNEAU — A former Beaver Dam woman, serving time in prison for selling drugs in Beaver Dam, stood mute as a not guilty plea was made for her on Thursday for a case in which she is accused of misusing the identification of the Dodge County Clerk of Courts Office.

Lacresha Lightfoot is charged with two counts of identity theft and four counts of misappropriating identification information. Green Lake County Judge Mark Slate, who is presiding over the case, scheduled a telephone conference Oct. 10.

Lightfoot was sentenced in August to six years in prison and six years of extended supervision, as well as an additional five years of probation for her role in a local drug ring. She is currently incarcerated at Taycheedah Correctional Institution in Fond du Lac.

According to the criminal complaint, the clerk of courts office became aware of fraudulent use of the clerk of court’s checking account in June 2016. They found that charges were made to use purchase materials or make payments to Best Buy. The materials delivered were sent to Lightfoot’s residence in Beaver Dam.

Lightfoot had been issued a check by the clerk of courts office to reimburse her for a cash bond that she had posted after she had been taken into custody. In total, the clerk of courts believed $1,196 was charged with the two checks. The bank that was working with the clerk of courts was able to get a $600 check back that Lightfoot allegedly sent into Best Buy. It appeared to be fraudulently created, but had the name of the bank on it. The check appeared to be using the same information that would have been on the check that Lightfoot received from the clerk of courts.

Lightfoot is also facing charges related to using a stolen credit card.

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