DMC Week 2: The Road Ahead

April 2, 2019


2019 will be a year of milestones for Rochester’s DMC initiative. What further accomplishments can we look forward to in the years beyond?


DMC’s master development plan is due for its five-year makeover. How might it change?


Private investments in DMC continue to increase. See just what’s been spent so far, and how that compares against the plans from the outset of the initiative.


Does the rosy forecast for the future of your morning commute leave you unmoved? Lisa Clarke understands. Changing the city’s transportation system is going to be a challenge.


Even if the Rochester Public Library has to move, it’s going to retain a presence downtown. Meanwhile, surrounding road projects are going to make getting to the library a challenge this year and next.


Soldiers Field is not a part of DMC, but that doesn’t mean the 140-acre park on the fringe of the downtown area isn’t going to see changes.


The stage is set for a new use at the downtown Chateau Theatre — but what will it be? And for how long?


From the public schools to UMR, schools are set to keep growing under the DMC initiative.


Is DMC a good neighbor? Residents of surrounding neighborhoods say the jury is still out.


“I think communication is a big part of this”: Find out how new Mayor Kim Norton sees DMC, and her role in it.


More than the Castle — DMC has given life to entertainment in the Med City. Learn what hot spots are coming next.


Public art has a growing role in making downtown Rochester more attractive and “livable.”


Got an hour to kill? Here are some ways to spend some time in downtown Rochester without spending a lot.