Pregnant woman facing eviction seeks help with rent

December 27, 2018

A 26-year-old Santa Fe woman with a 7-year-old child says she has been dealing with a difficult pregnancy and her work hours have been “really low.”

She is hoping to start a new job soon but has fallen behind on rent for her apartment.

“I just really need the help with my rent before they evict me,” she wrote in her application. “The little money I have been receiving has been going for groceries, gas and utilities.

She is among hundreds of people asking for help from the Empty Stocking Fund this season.

• • •

The Empty Stocking Fund is a project of the Santa Fe New Mexican. The Santa Fe Community Foundation, Los Alamos National Bank, the Salvation Army, Presbyterian Medical Services, the Life Link, Habitat for Humanity and the Housing Trust donate services to jointly administer the Empty Stocking Fund.

The newspaper is publishing stories featuring requests for assistance from local residents.

The information from the initial application will be verified if the applicant is selected for assistance.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are considered without regard to race, creed, place or country of origin, age, disability, ethnicity, color, gender identity, marital status or sexual orientation. They must live in Santa Fe or Rio Arriba counties and provide a Social Security number.

The deadline to apply for assistance has passed.

To donate: Make your tax-deductible donation online at www.santafenewmexican.com/empty_stocking or mail a check to The New Mexican’s Empty Stocking Fund c/o the Santa Fe Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1827, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1827.

Donors can request to remain anonymous.

If you can provide a service such as roofing or home repairs, contact Habitat for Humanity at repairs@santafehabitat.org.

If you can contribute food, clothing, toys, housewares, furniture, firewood, or other items or services, call the Salvation Army at 505-988-8054.


Anonymous (14): $3,525

Anonymous, in memory of Eleanor and Vincent Long: $100

Anonymous, in honor of World Peace!: $100

Anonymous, in memory of Senator Edward J. and Elizabeth Anne Lopez: $100

Steve and Susan Aagaard: $500

Stephen Shank and Wendy Adler: $50

Gail and Dana Atkins: $200

Julie Campbell, in memory of Barbara Martin: $25

Lawrence Archibald and Laura Chancellor: $250

Pamela Christie: $200

Dennis Cooper and Dede Collins: $500

Roxanne and Andy Connan, in memory of Wayne Shaver: $100

Connie Deschamps, in honor of my grandsons: Tom Leonard, Russ Leonard & Egan Deschamps: $350

Daniel Donoghue, in memory of Kae Donoghue: $25

David Elder: $500

Georgia and Jud Fischel: $100

Sue Breslauer and Norm Flax: $100

Walter L. Futrell Jr.: $200

Brian and Myra Gentner: $50

Linda and Daryl Giddings: $100

Jamie and Collin Haffey: $100

Hal Logsdon and Gordon Hawthorne, in memory of Greg Logsdon: $200

Victoria Jacobson, in memory of Daniel O. May: $50

Betsy and Tom Jones: $100

Kim Keahbone, in loving memory of George, Tonita and Robert Keahbone: $250

John and Helen Kennedy: $200

Ron and Karen Kohut: $500

Steve and Meredith Machen, in memory of Barbara Martin: $100

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Total: $12,325

Cumulative Total: $176,140.37

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