ELEPHANT BUTTE, N.M. (AP) _ The case of a woman who says she was kidnapped and tortured over a three-day period has expanded into a three-state investigation that may involve multiple victims, authorities said Monday.

``We're following up that information right now,'' state public safety director Darren White said.

Both White and FBI agent Doug Beldon emphasized the bizarre nature of the case, in which an Albuquerque woman said she was shocked with electricity and tortured sexually before escaping March 22.

Another woman also has come forward accusing a man charged in the case of torturing her as well, investigators said.

The massive state-federal investigation now extends into Texas and Arizona, Beldon said.

David Parker Ray, 59, a state maintenance worker, is charged with kidnap and criminal sexual penetration in the case of the Albuquerque woman. Cindy Lea Hendy, 39, who lived with Ray, is charged with kidnap and accessory to criminal sexual penetration.

Albert Costales, Ray's court-appointed attorney, declined to discuss the specifics of the case. But he told the Albuquerque Journal: ``I am speaking with my client and investigating the matter, and my client is innocent.''

John Branaugh, a friend of Hendy's, told KOB-TV of Albuquerque that Hendy told him there were other victims whose bodies were dumped in Elephant Butte Lake.

``Ray has put four to six bodies in this lake and others buried in the desert,'' Branaugh told KOB.

The FBI said bones have been found in Ray's back yard, KOB reported, citing anonymous bureau sources. Beldon did not immediately return a call late Monday about the report.

The Albuquerque woman told authorities she met Ray and Hendy in Albuquerque and joined them in a recreational vehicle, where Ray showed her a badge and told her she was under arrest for solicitation as a prostitute. She said he then took her to the Elephant Butte home.

She escaped March 22.

Elephant Butte is about 150 miles south of Albuquerque.

Defense attorneys have asked for a delay in Ray and Hendy's preliminary hearing that had been scheduled for Wednesday. Both are being held in the Sierra County jail.