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Best Friends Share Everything _ Including Groom

August 5, 1996

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) _ Nookal Ramangthong and Amphon Chaluaysrimuang are such good friends, they share everything _ including a fiance.

Nookal, 23, and Amphon, 34, met several years ago while serving as Buddhist nuns in Ratchaburi province, 60 miles west of Bangkok.

``We became such good friends that we made a vow before a sacred Brahman statue that we would remain together, ’til death do us part,″ Amphon was quoted as saying in the newspaper The Nation on Monday.

So when 29-year-old Viroj Bamrungsri asked for Amphon’s hand in marriage, Amphon asked Nookal to join them.

``My family protested at first, but later they understood our situation,″ Amphon said.

The three will wed on Aug. 18.

Marriage is often a casual institution in Thailand. Many couples don’t bother to register their union with the authorities.

It also is not unusual for men to have mistresses, known here as ``mia noi,″ or minor wives, who are tolerated by the first wife.

Amphon will be regarded as Viroj’s first wife, The Nation reported.

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