Police: Clarks Summit Man Coming Down Off Meth Binge Crashes Car, Tries To Bribe Cop

March 23, 2019

A Clarks Summit man who tried to come down off a dayslong methamphetamine binge with medication to treat anxiety crashed his car in January and asked a police officer to consider giving him a pass on a DUI for $8,000, investigators said.

It didn’t work.

Instead, it tacked on a felony, bribery, to a list of charges against Peter Rapp, 32, of 107 Junction Ave.

Police charged Rapp on Friday for the Jan. 19 crash. A blood test that showed the presence of medication like alprazolan, commonly known as Xanax, came back Monday.

On Jan. 19, Officer Robert Shedlock went to the 700 block of South Abington Road at 9 a.m. and found a BMW with heavy damage to its front end. He found its driver, later identified as Rapp, inside a nearby restaurant.

Rapp seemed off. Dirty, wet and disheveled, he wore his shoes on the wrong feet and stared forward with glazed eyes. With slurred speech, he acknowledged he’d been driving but did not know what he’d hit. Officers later learned he struck a drainage pipe and stone wall at South Abington Road and Alida Street.

Rapp explained he had been on a “bender” with methamphetamine and wanted to sleep. He was “in the process” of trying to come down, police said.

Shedlock arrested him. In the car, Rapp asked Shedlock if he would consider letting him go for $8,000 in cash.

“He said that we didn’t need to go through all this if I would consider it,” Shedlock wrote. “But he didn’t think I would.”

Bail and preliminary hearing information was unavailable.

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