Pearland OKs $80 million bond election

February 12, 2019

Voters in the city of Pearland will be presented with five bond propositions on the May 4 ballot that together would provide almost $80 million for a range of projects including widening of Bailey Road, traffic changes on Pearland Parkway, construction of a new animal shelter and multiple drainage improvements.

According to projections, voter approval of all five propositions would increase the property tax rate of just under 70.92 cents per $100 by 3.75 cents, said Robert Upton, the city’s director of engineering. City Council approved the ballot items on Feb. 11. In addition, City Council positions 1, 5 and 6 are open for election on May 4.

The bond propositions will be for the following:

Almost $28.5 million for drainage improvement and facilities

Almost $34.82 million for street improvements

$2.5 million for work related to parks and recreation

$12.87 million for construction of a 21,000-square-foot animal shelter and adoption center, and

$1.3 million for construction of a burn building for fire department training.

“These projects are vital to the community and will have a significantly positive impact on quality of life with minimal impact on taxes,” city spokesman Joshua Lee said. “These projects will improve mobility across the city, reduce risk of flood damage and bring upgrades to city facilities that will improve our ability to serve residents of this community.”

The Bailey Road project, which would widen the two-land roadway to a four-lane boulevard, would get $19.5 million. Another $4.39 would go for improvements to Pearland Parkway, including its traffic circle.

Proposed projects that would be funded under the drainage-related proposition would include:

$15.9 million in street reconstruction and drainage improvements to the Willowcrest subdivision, which includes removal and replacement of curb inlets and the storm sewer system.

$5.5 million to replace driveway culverts and widen and regrade ditches in the West Lea subdivision

$4.2 million to construct the final phase of the Hickory Slough detention pond, which includes building out a storm-water lift station and weir structure.

$1.15 million in drainage improvements along Piper Road from FM 518 to Fite Road, which would include regrading the ditches and resetting culverts. It would also include an asphalt overlay of the road.

$1.7 million in drainage improvements to the Mimosa Acres subdivision, including removal and replacement of driveways and culverts, storm sewer system and re-grading ditches.

The city winnowed down what had been a list of 18 projects from the city’s engineering department.

“Those projects were presented to council in a bond package valued at about $120 million,” Upton said. “Basically, we set up a laundry list of projects and they were ranked based on priority. We worked with each of the departments — streets, drainage, facilities, police, fire, parks and so forth — and then prioritized them.”

The engineering department then presented the council with package options for $77 million, $90 million and $120 million.


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