Roof repairs to take place at Oblock Junior High in Plum next summer

July 29, 2018
Roof repairs to take place at Oblock Junior High in Plum next summer

A portion of Plum School District’s Obock Junior High’s roof will be rebuilt next summer.

School board members voted July 24 to accept Slippery Rock Roofing’s $418,436 bid on the project.

The company was the lowest of seven bidders. Work is expected to begin at the end of this coming school year and be completed by August 2019.

District Director of Facilities Jim McClelland said two sections of the roof leak and need to be replaced.

“Those sections are in poor condition. Other parts are in good to very good condition,” he said.

McClelland said the rest of the roof will last about 10 years; the rebuilt sections are expected to last 30 years.

Board President Steve Schlauch said the job would be paid for through bond funds.

The board took out a $10 million bond issue in 2014 to fund a new Regency Elementary School building and other capital projects. The new Regency never was built, leaving about $4.3 million of the bond issue funds.

Some of that money was used to cover maintenance costs of the old Holiday Park building, which housed Regency students for more than two years.

“We have to prioritize our capital projects on a needs basis moving forward,” Schlauch said. “We have to use the bond money in a timely fashion due to audit purposes, and cannot let that money sit there forever. The roof is important for keeping the facility up, as well as to ensure the safety of students and staff.”

The board also approved the purchase of roofing materials from the Garland Co. for $137,008 plus $2,000 for shipping.

That purchase is being made through US Communities, a government purchasing alliance, with payment through bond monies.

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