Former Greenwich employee avoids jail after paying back town

September 7, 2018

STAMFORD — A former Parking Services Department employee for the Town of Greenwich who siphoned under $4,000 avoided jail Friday and made guilty pleas to felony counts of first and second-degree larceny during a brief hearing at the Stamford courthouse.

Michael Gordon, 49, of Greenwich was given no jail time or probation for the pleas but he made restitution, paying all that he stole following his arrest, Stamford State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo said.

“He has made restitution, but he will have these felonies on his record as a result of this plea, which satisfies the interests of justice and the community in this case,” Colangelo said after the hearing.

Gordon, who had no criminal record before the two convictions, declined comment in the court hallway following the hearing. “I take full responsibility,” he told White after making his plea.

White gave Gordon an unconditional discharge and waived any court fees and costs.

Gordon’s defense attorney Philip Russell said, “I think the sentence was fair and just and reflects some compelling factors on both sides of this case.”

Gordon was arrested in April 2017 after a police investigation that determined that he had been diverting money from his job into his own pocket.

The arrest affidavit said Gordon engaged in “an elaborate series of fraudulent transactions,” where he misapplied credits for certain non-cash parking violation ticket transactions that had already been paid in cash. He then kept the surplus cash for himself.

Gordon had been an account clerk at the Parking Services Department since 2009.

No other Department of Parking Services employees were believed to be involved in Gordon’s criminal scheme, the town said at the time.


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