It’s All About Hair salon announces move

March 2, 2019

New London — Anita Pinder has been a hair stylist and salon owner in the city for nearly a quarter century, and now she’s moving her location to 21 Shaw St., right across from Walgreens, in a beautiful building she just purchased.

It’s All About Hair, previously at the New London Shopping Center, had weathered all the ups and downs of the local economy over the years. Pinder started at the previous location near Burlington Coat Factory as a hair stylist when the salon was known as Hair’s Jackie, then bought out the previous owner six years later.

Her relocation to Shaw Street, she said, was necessitated by a sudden large jump in the rent at the shopping center. The very next week after deciding she had to look elsewhere, Pinder said she found the perfect building at a spot that many still remember as a bar and restaurant called Locke and Tee’s Cafe.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” she said, glancing around the small but elegant space. “I just think it’s the blessing of God that I am here.”

The Groton resident, a singer at the Madry Temple in a group known as Kingdom Travelers, said she caters mostly to women and children. She also does a good bit of hair weaving and coloring.

She graduated from a cosmetology school in South Carolina before moving to Connecticut with her husband. She also has studied trichology to understand medical conditions affecting the hair and scalp.

She said many people today are eschewing the harsh chemicals that had been used by hair salons in the past.

“Natural hair care — that’s what people are into right now,” she said.

It’s a one-woman operation, but Pinder said she hopes to hire other hair stylists in the future, once she establishes herself in the new location. She once employed as many as four or five in her previous location.

“I think I have the ambition to expand and do more, especially with young people,” she said.