Dear ECHL: clue your fans into transactions

December 23, 2018

I’d love to tell you the particulars of how the Toledo Walleye got Justin Kea from the Orlando Solar Bears today. In other words, was it for future considerations? Was it for cash? Was it to fulfill an earlier trade?

I was told by the ECHL that it does not release particulars of a trade so as “not to break news” and that such information needs to come from the teams.

This has always been a problem, as I see it, with the ECHL.

They have already released some particulars of the trade; the daily transaction report, which fans are glued to, told many that Kea had gone from Orlando to Toledo. Not telling us how just leaves your own fan base in the dark.

No one is saying you need to give great detail, to simply say “for future considerations” or “cash” is doing a service to everyone.

Frankly, this stuff should all be logged on the ECHL website anyway, but it’s not.

This was a very complicated series of events, Kea going from Fort Wayne to Orlando to Toledo. That I’m one period into a game in which Kea has scored for Toledo and don’t know exactly how it happened is ludicrous.

Look at it another way, the ECHL puts on their transactions that a player is traded, but only says how a guy goes one direction, yet they don’t see that as a problem. 


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