Supervisors move forward with electronic timekeeping

November 20, 2018

KINGMAN — A Mohave County supervisor suggested Monday proceeding to implement an electronic timekeeping system for county employees.

District 3 Sup. Buster Johnson again proposed installing an electronic time clock system for county employees to keep better track of their time and attendance.

Johnson, of Lake Havasu City, argued that a time clock would save thousands of hours in staff time filling out paper time sheets every two weeks, which are then sent to payroll, which inputs the sheets into the computer system.

Nathan McDaniel, information technology director, gave the board an update on the Munis enterprise resource system in which his department is now to the point where it can turn on the timekeeping system department by department. Supervisors in each department would approve the hours worked by employees electronically.

McDaniel said the electronic time system would replace using paper and would not require employees to punch a time clock every day. It’s an electronic time entry system where an employee would type in the time they worked, as opposed to writing it on paper.

District 1 Sup. Gary Watson asked about employees, such as in public works, who work in the field in remote areas and don’t have access to computers.Watson said he wants the timekeeping system to work for everyone.

McDaniel said the county doesn’t have to do an electronic timekeeping system for everyone. Employees who work in the field could still use paper time cards.

Employees also could view their pay stub, their direct deposit notices, W2 or benefit information anytime online.

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