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Junge Freiheit, Weekly Organ of the Right With PM-The German Right

September 26, 1994

POTSDAM, Germany (AP) _ The weekly Junge Freiheit has a circulation of 70,000 and reaches more through sponsoring lectures by right-wing politicians and the likes of historian Ernst Nolte.

Nolte, 71, is the intellectual father of young conservatives. The author of respected histories of fascism, he caused a national debate in 1986 by stating that Hitler’s crimes could be explained, if not justified, as a reaction to the Soviets.

Dieter Stein founded Junge Freiheit at age 19 in his native Freiburg, but did not gain national notice until he went weekly and moved to Potsdam this year.

In an interview at his offices in a leafy lane, the soft-spoken son of a military historian expressed quiet scorn for the establishment and said the threat of neo-Nazi violence was exaggerated.

″Germans have shown a lot of restraint in not attacking foreigners,″ he said. ″I’m not giving a justification for violence, but in extreme cases you do find vigilante justice. Germany’s resources are overwhelmed.″

Recent issues of Junge Freiheit have carried a defense of the far-right Republican Party, a profile of a young skinhead living unhappily with Turks in a Berlin apartment complex and an editorial advocating an independent German military policy.

″Germany is like a wakening Gulliver whose ropes have all been cut away,″ Markus Zehme wrote in the Sept. 9 issue. ″It just doesn’t realize it yet.″

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