Lee, Ogle and Whiteside County property transfers: Dec. 22, 2018

December 22, 2018

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Dec. 10

Warranty deeds

Harry F. Stoudt to Julie A. Winchell, 2607 Meadow Drive, Sterling, $94,000.

Patrick K. and Rosemary P. O’Brien to Mandy L. Appleman, 1908 19th Ave., Sterling, $118,000.

Eric and Stacy Strackbein to Brenda L. and James F. Driscoll Jr., 17124 Elston Road, Fulton, $24,000.

Linda C. Cardwell to Larry L. Fargher, 23589 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $82,000.

Clifford A. Collins to Jean and Neil Richmond, 1408 Hunter St., Sterling, $5,000.

Jonathon R. and Rhonda L. Bush to Ray J. and Megan M. Druien, one parcel on Spring Valley Road near Morrison, $10,286.

Mary S. Landheer to Thomas A. Landheer, 14801 Yorktown Road, Morrison, $200,000.

Mary T. Aldrich and John P Ennenga III Estate to Jacob Clement and Richard P. Koch, 2104 Chestnut Ave., Sterling, $20,000.

Patricia Krone to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 2002 Walter St., Rock Falls, $1.

Edith L. Snyder to Daniel P. and Kelly L. Gockel, 1918 Oak Grove Ave., Sterling, $172,900.

Stralow Family Farms LLC and James Woessner to 4D Farms Inc., five parcels on Polo Road in Sterling, $726,588.

Janet R. Hallman Estate and Wash 4 U Inc. to Doss Properties LLC, 1909 Locust St., Sterling, $150,000.

Paulette G. Davis to Keegan R. Kaye and Stacy M. Garcia, 500 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $62,000.

Anthony J. Letson to Albert L. Baker, 1311 Johnson Ave., Sterling, $95,000.

Randy R. Rhodes and Hollis A. “Holly” Rhodes to Nancy Greth, 1607 Riverview Road, Rock Falls, $152,500.

James and Cheryl Rentz to Lacey M. Ryan, 39 Meadow Lane, Prophetstown, $93,000.

Joseph J. and Anne M. Leonard to Brian J. and Cari M. Fenzel, 14803 Vans Road, Fulton, $145,900.

Patricia C. Rivera to Roberto and Karen Ranjel, 2007 Chestnut Ave., Sterling, $26,400.

Kimberly Y. Sosa to Jose M. Arrezola, 2611 Kauffman St., Rock Falls, $15,000.

Tyson E. Phillips to Ronnie and Jeannie Williams, 513 E. Main St., Morrison, $61,500.

James R. Glazier and Sandra K. Feather Glazier, formerly Feather, to Andrea L. Kohl, 707 W. 15th St., Sterling, $130,000.

Steven L. and Tresa J. Grobe to Brad E. Grobe, 105 W. Grove St., Coleta, $0.

Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick Trust to Carl C. Swanson, one parcel on East 36th Street in Sterling, $16,000.

Quit claim deed

Lonnie L. Wedekind Sr. to Charlotte A. and Lonnie L. Wedekind Sr., 22156 Buell Road, Sterling, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Trust Number 12087, Parkway Bank and Trust Co., trustee, to Alfredo Silva, 607 and 607 1/2 W. Fifth St., Sterling, $52,000.

Trust Number 90po6900, Regions Bank, trustee, to Charles Rogers Jr., 1803 Ave. L, Sterling, $23,100.

Executor’s deeds

John W. Wierema Estate to Alexander R. Hamm, 418 13th Ave., Fulton, $68,000.

Wayne and Lynda Endress and Phyllis J. Dormon Estate to Danielle D. Mcneece, 513 E. Wall St., Morrison, $119,500.

Guardians deed

Darlene E. Karr Estate to Carl R. and Sandra L. Baker, 4908 Anne St., Galt, $93,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office


Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Dec. 10

Warranty deeds

Kara Grot, Laurie Wischmeyer, and Tom D. Lawless to Barbara J. Lawless, 416 First Ave., Dixon, $0.

Francis E. Shippert to Roberto Chavez and Erica Contreras, 1105 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $30,000.

Seven Group LLC-Tigan to Circle G Farms and Feedlots, Inc., one parcel in Reynolds Township, $1.1 million.

Diane M. and David G. Schoenholz Sr. to Jennifer W. Floto and Toby M. Glenn, 1247 Pump Factory Road, Dixon, $166,500.

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 226 S. Elm St., Franklin Grove, $0.

Misty D. and Ryan E. Buskohl to Laura Willey, 1428 Phyllis Drive, Dixon, $160,000.

Gentle Ridge Inc. to David B. and Sarah M. Bingaman, 328 and 326 Rockside Drive, both in Dixon, $46,000.

Patricia M. Long, formerly Blaine, and the late Richard W. Long to Kathy A. and Vincent L. Melendrez, 606 Timber Creek Road, Dixon, $197,500.

Kathy and Vincent Melendrez to Andrew J. Van Oosten, 1932 Philip Drive, Dixon, $159,900.

Brian View to Ferdinand Hans Hepp III and Heather M. Mucci-Hepp, block 3, lot 233, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,300.

Doris and Mark Fialkowski to Roberta and Viktors Rocans, block 16, lot 31, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,200.

James D. Muetze to Dustin and Nicole Hanson Family Trust, Dustin and Nicole Hanson, trustees, 205 Wheeler St., Paw Paw, $325,000.

DKL Investment Solutions LLC to Jenz Homes LLC, 806 Evans Ave., Ashton, $81,000.

Gary, Gregory, Raymond, Robert, and the late Dora M. Dimmig to Cynthia S. Rudd and Carl E. Tucker, 21 N. Metcalf Ave., Amboy, $60,000.

Cheryl Marie Bonnell, formerly Butler, to Elliott A. Ernst, 249 W. Graham St., Dixon, $88,500.

Leon F. Boehle to Brian Lee Boehle, three parcels in Harmon Township, $0.

Quit claim deeds

Josie A. Chandler to Kimbolist Chandler Mills, block 18, lot 28, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Matthew R. and Stephanie A. Entile to Jeffery A. Weiss, block 5, lot 497, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Victoria A. Swanson to Eileen Oliphant, block 7, lot 59, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Teresa A. Stern to Douglas C. Stern, 143 and 141 Summer Road, both in Dixon, $0.

William and the late Tony Schaneberg to William Schaneberg, 127 N. Elm St., 318 W. Lahman St., and 110 S. Walnut St., all in Franklin Grove, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Justin L. and Mary A. Ramp Trust Number 2014-7, Justin L. and Mary A. Rapp, co-trustees, to Mary and Steven Koch, 249 Upland Ave., Dixon, $22,750.

Paul E. Giblin Trust, Patrick Shawn Giblin, successor trustee, to Kerry R. and William E. Shaw Jr., 1671 Sterling Road, Amboy, $310,000.

Charles P. and LaVonne E. Ciorba Revocable Trust, Charles P. and LaVonne E. Ciorba, trustees, to Michael H. and Linda A. Zinke Trust, Michael H. and Linda A. Zinke, trustees, one parcel in Brooklyn Township, $805,199.

Kenneth E. Herwig Trust Number 101 and Marilyn Herwig Trust Number 102, Steven E. Herwig and Teresa E. Ludka, successor co-trustees, to Valarie M. Hammann, 902 Paddock Ave., Ashton, $87,000.

James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal Revocable Living Trust, James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal, co-trustees, to Ethan M. Sassaman, 206 S. Boyd Ave., Amboy, $155,000.

Urban Leo Becker Trust, Mark F. Becker and Debra A. Pendleton, co-trustees, to Steven Becker, one parcel in May Township; to Susan Schuemann, two parcels in May Township; to to Lawrence Becker, two parcels in May Township; and to Anthony, Donald, and Mark F. Becker and Debra A. Pendleton, three parcels in Sublette Township, $0.


Estate of Marie Huffman, Lori Bock, Scott Huffman, and Kimberly Oldman, independent co-representatives, to Sarah J. Habben, 2098 Lowell Park Road, Dixon, $105,000.

The late Jeffrey A. Floray, Marvin B. Hogenson, independent administrator, to Aaron and Lori Harden, 405 E. Seventh St, Dixon, $17,500.

Certificate of sale

Douglas W. Tabor, and Lyle Dirks, sale officer, to Sterling Federal Bank, 307 E. Sixth St., Dixon, $0.

Sheriff’s deed

John L. Bay and Lee County Sheriff to Bank of America, 1184 Bay Drive, Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office


Ogle County property transfers recorded Dec 10-14

Warranty deeds

Jobert J. Hoagland to Michael A. and Jennifer L. Winch, 325 Irene Ave., Rochelle, $104,000.

Frank L. and Melba L. Masterman to Scott E. and Lynda L. Haas, 813 Grandstand Court, Oregon, $176,000.

Frederick B. Kenney to Roman and Nancy Hasiuk, 1280 W. Indian Heights Drive, Rockvale Township, $185,000.

Steven E. and Diane M. Swanson to Chad S. Swanson, 9802 W. White Eagle Road, Maryland Township, $160,000.

Jaqueline K. Miller to Joshua P. and Amy N. Saldecki, 307 W. Logan St., Forreston, $115,000.

Karen J. Price to John E. and Jean Deuth, 12703 W. Goose Hollow Road, Lincoln Township, $135,000.

John Deuth to Michael T. and Mallory Deuth, 12804 W. Goose Hollow Road, Lincoln Township, $170,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon as trustee for Amresco Residential Securities Corp. Mortgage Loan Trust 1997-2, to Steve and Colleen S. Esterday, 105 N. Roy Ave., Rochelle, $44,500.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 712 S. Seventh St., Oregon, $60,000.

Ronald L. and Tamra A. Bouland to Steven G. Rains, 5592 Shady Pass, Flagg Township, $55,000.

Tonia R. Howe, Amber R. Browning, and Ashley N. Jones to Kevin R. and Victoria L. Pemberton, 607 S. Third St., Rochelle, $30,000.

Signature Five Illinois REO LLC to Richard J. and Janaan K. Harms, 1107 E. state Route 64, Oregon-Nashua Township, $220,000.

Tricia C. Duffy to Christopher T. Menet, 138 S. Walnut St., Stillman Valley, $84,500.

Marvin A. and Evelyn M. Poliska to Brent and Arlett Bonne, 5831 N. Blackwood Road, Monroe Township, $120,000.

James Snodgrass to David C. and Amy S. Eder, 8213 N. Mill Road, Byron Township, $190,000.

Christopher A. and Bethney A. Dufoe to Austin D. Luepkes, 8633 N. Winnebago Lane, Byron Township, $260,000.

Terry L. and Marilyn G. Harms to Chris and Bethney Dufoe, 4412 E. Open View Drive, Byron Township, $285,000.

Kyle and Kayla Gluck to Marcus Reinhold, 324 Winter Rose Circle, Scott Township, $155,000.

Timothy J. Graden to Christopher D. Bamborough, 3559 N. Alexander St., Lincoln Township, $78,000.

Sonya D. Frederick to Joseph D. Beeter, 304 N. Seminary Ave., Mount Morris, $54,000.

Quit claim deeds

Gary A. Covell to Enrique and Andrea M. Sotelo, 311 E. South Park Drive, Rockvale Township.

Alejandra Tenorio to Rosa G. Gonzalez, 1651 Squires Landing, Flagg Township.

Illinois Department of Transportation to Alan and Judy Ranz, four parcels in Lincoln Township.

Carl W. and Andrew Piper to Andrew and Robin Piper, 613 Mississippi Drive, Taylor Township.

Thomas D. Murray, as trustee, quit claim deed to Kristopher D. and Shelly K. Brantley, 3967 W. Illinois St., Grand Detour Township.

Lynn A., Brian W. and Bruce P. Poliska, Lisa M. Hardy, and Ann L. Wilt to Marvin A. and Evelyn M. Poliska, 5831 Blackwood Road, Monroe Township.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County Sheriff and Gary M. Sanders to German American State Bank, Lot 14, Block 18, Forreston.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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