Celebrate the ban on coyote-killing contests

April 9, 2019

New Mexico has long been host to cruel, gruesome and pointless coyote-killing contests, in which participants compete to kill as many of these shy, curious canines for cash and prizes. Many wildlife advocates and citizens across the state were appalled by the images of coyotes’ lifeless bodies, stacked in bloody piles next to contestants who laughed, posed for photos and celebrated their kills.

Fortunately, now those who care about our state’s native wildlife are the ones celebrating, because our governor signed a ban on coyote-killing contests into New Mexico law (“New law bans organized coyote killings,” April 3). Thank you, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. We are so grateful for your willingness to do what is right. Thank you to the sponsors and all those who worked so hard for this day to arrive. Today, we celebrate a victory for our wildlife and state.

Betsy Starr

Santa Fe

An opera company excels

Kudos to Opera Southwest for creating victory after the disaster — flooding at the National Hispanic Cultural Center made them move the Lohengrin production to Rio Rancho’s V. Sue Cleveland High School. Condolences to those who demanded their money back.

Opera Southwest outdid itself. The Lohengrin was a great accomplishment for the regional company. There was no possibility of sets, as the orchestra was onstage (which made for great sound). The singers acted and wore costumes, and the chorus stood above it all facing the audience. Simple lighting was used to great effect. It was such a wonderfully sung and exciting performance that nothing else mattered. The audience stomped and cheered the singers, conductor Anthony Barrese and the orchestra. Everyone adapted and did their part.

Elliot Stern

Santa Fe

Cheating at golf? The idea!

I can handle the fact that Donald Trump has lied thousands of times since his inauguration. I can handle that his appointments to his cabinet and other federal offices include men and women who are liars and cheats, and grossly incompetent. I can handle that before he became president, he was considered a liar and cheat in his real estate business in New York. I can handle the fact that a multitude of women have come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct with some of them filing sexual misconduct lawsuits against him. All this and so much more, I can handle.

But when professional golf pros and “notables” with whom he has played rounds of golf say that he cheats at golf, that is just too much to take. That alone should be enough to impeach him. This will surely be supported by Democrats and Republicans and show, finally, how congressional bipartisan behavior can, and will, make America great again.

Howard Bleicher, D.D.S.

Santa Fe

Stop the offensive ‘humor’

Duke Klauck’s cluelessness and attempt at humor are as dangerous as they are offensive (“April Fools’ Day email lands spa in hot water,” April 4). His misplaced, biased wit spreads a harmful negative stereotype that promotes and excuses transphobic discrimination and violence. He must wake up to the violence committed against all who inhabit the marginalized communities around him. The murder rate of those who are transgender alone, especially trans-women of color, has been rapidly escalating since 2013.

Klauck’s attempt to deflect criticism cites previous newsletters and lumps us together with jokes about dogs other animals and a naked person sitting across from him at dinner. This dehumanizes us and through implication, it seeks to excuse the violence against us. He must wake up to the gender bias in his thoughts and in his words. I am sorry, but I cannot obey his censure to “lighten up.” The violence and discrimination I have endured are very real. Being a trans-woman is how I was born. It is who I am. It does not “float my boat.”

Polina Smutko

Santa Fe