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Peter Holm Remains Barricaded in House Being Sold by Joan Collins

July 10, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Peter Holm, locked in a bitter divorce battle with ″Dynasty″ star Joan Collins, has barricaded himself in the house they once shared, vowing Thursday to shoot anyone who tries to evict him.

″I’m just not going to get out of the house without a proper court order,″ Holm said in a telephone interview Thursday night. ″Anybody who tries to force entry here will be shot. There’s going to be a battle here.″

Miss Collins and her estranged husband have been in court several times in the last six months over use of the house.

Holm, who is seeking $80,000 a month in alimony payments from the actress, has a temporary restraining order allowing him to use the house until it is sold. The court ordered Holm, a onetime Swedish rock star, on Dec. 22, 1986, to vacate the house as soon as its sale is legally finalized.

Earlier Thursday, Miss Collins’ lawyer Marvin Mitchelson said he notified Holm’s lawyer, Frank Steinschriber, that escrow had closed and Holm had until 6 p.m. to vacate.

However, Holm remained inside past the deadline and invited a handful of photographers and a television crew inside for a tour of the huge house, unfurnished except for his bed and a few paintings, including a large one of Miss Collins.

The gates and doors were chained and locked from within.

Mitchelson said the house was sold to filmmaker Freddie Fields for $675,000. But Holm said, ″That’s rubbish.″

A judge refused to evict him on a previous occasion when Miss Collins’ lawyers claimed the house was sold, Holm said, because the sale involved a transfer from Miss Collins to one of her companies.

″To me this is not a genuine sale in any form whatsoever,″ Holm said. ″The claimed purchaser has never seen the house, never inspected it. It’s all through paper work that Mitchelson has done.″

Fields, who produced the films ″Lipstick,″ ″Looking for Mr. Goodbar″ and ″Victory,″ said Thursday he had ″no interest in being involved in their dispute.″

Steinschriber said early Thursday, ″I don’t believe that any sale has been consummated at this point.″

But Mitchelson said in a telephone interview from New York late Thursday that escrow closed earlier in the day and he had sent documents of proof to Steinschriber.

″We requested and demanded that Peter Holm vacate the house ... tonight. If he does not, we will have to pursue the remedies we deem appropriate and will appear in the morning with our security people and remove his things and him from the house so the new owner can take possession.″

Mitchelson said he would meet Friday with Miss Collins.

Steinschriber said earlier that Holm was doing ″nothing, just waiting. He is now living in a barricaded property. There are chains on all the fences and bolts and barricades on all the doors. And he has a full-time guard on the property.″

Armed guards hired by Miss Collins are also reportedly patrolling the property to protect her interest.

A hearing is scheduled July 20 to consider Holm’s request for alimony, a review of whether a premarital agreement exists, and a number of contempt resolutions filed by both sides.

Earlier this week, Steinschriber claimed Holm would have no place to live if he was evicted before the July 20 hearing, but Mitchelson said that was false.

″Mr. Holm flew first class to London to hold a press conference,″ Mitchelson said then. ″He has enough money to fly first class to London. This act of poverty has gone on long enough.″

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