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May 30, 1985

WASHINGTON (AP) _ White House Press Secretary James Brady got a blue ribbon and a crop from riding partner Nancy Reagan after the two went for a spin on horseback as therapy for Brady, who is recovering from a four-year-old gunshot wound.

Brady, shot in the head during the attempt to assassinate President Reagan, and the first lady took a turn around the track Wednesday at the National Center for Therapeutic Riding in Rock Creek Park, where Brady has been riding regularly since March.

The 12-year-old non-profit organization provides riding as therapy for a wide range of handicapped people.


PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) - President Reagan was referring to Apple Computer founders Steven P. Jobs and Stephen G. Wozniak in his tax address this week when he gave the example of the modest beginnings of a computer company founded in a garage by college students, the White House said.

After Tuesday night’s speech, Apple and Hewlett-Packard Co. both quickly said he meant them. Both companies started in garages, but none of the founders was a student at the time.

″I would assume he means Apple,″ said spokeswoman Barbara Krause. Jobs and Wozniak were college dropouts in 1976 when they started the Cupertino company in Jobs’ parents’ garage.

″He means H-P, of course,″ said Hewlett-Packard Co. spokesman Roy Verley. The giant computer and electronics company was started in 1939 by Stanford University graduates William Hewlett and David Packard in Packard’s Palo Alto garage.

On Wednesday, White House deputy press secretary Albert R. Brashear said Reagan was referring to Jobs and Wozniak.


BALTIMORE (AP) - Britain’s royal sailor, Prince Andrew, was all business when his ship, the frigate HMS Brazen, docked here for a week’s visit, saying he was here ″as part of the Navy″ and had no plans for his leave.

The prince said Wednesday that he suspected ″it’s probably inevitable″ that he would meet American girls on his trip, but added, ″I shan’t be out looking. Why should I be?

″Aside from the National Aquarium, my diary is completely empty,″ Andrew said.

The Brazen, at sea since mid-January, will be in port until June 4.


AMHERST, N.Y. (AP) - Comedienne Joan Rivers said she decided to attend Barnard College ″due to the fact that their vending machines were by far the most convenient and best stocked.″

Ms. Rivers, 52, was among 32 famous people who responded to a survey by the Amherst Senior High School student newspaper Tatler, which asked what college they chose and whether it played a unique role in their careers.

″I can’t say that college helped me in my comedy career,″ Miss Rivers said, ″but it certainly helped give me the smarts to run a successful business.″


NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Gov. Edwin Edwards joined Cajun fiddler Doug Kershaw and rock ‘n’ roll singer Fats Domino in a music video filmed in the French Quarter.

″The governor was my chauffer,″ said Kershaw, whose songs include ″Louisiana Man.″ ″He was very delighted to do it, to help the music industry.″

So was actor David Carradine, whose part involves an argument with the governor during an introduction to the song, ″Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot.″

Most of the video was filmed last week as Kershaw, 49, and Domino, 57, performed at a French Quarter night spot.

Edwards, 57, who was not paid for his short speaking part, and Carradine apear in the introduction - a scene about a traffic jam in the French Quarter.

″We’re driving along and Carradine is in the car in front of me,″ Kershaw said in a telephone interview from Dallas. ″The governor turns around as asks me, ‘What do you want me to do, Doug?’

″I say, ’Toot your horn.‴

Carradine, 44, the Kung Fu actor, gets out angrily but the plot turns the fight into a discussion of what ″Toot Toot″ means.

Ellis Pailet, a spokesman for the two musicians, explained, ″It means ‘everything, my precious thing’ in French.″

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