Florence’s Biggest Loser contestants share goals to live healthier

January 28, 2019
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Christopher Gainey

FLORENCE, S.C. – When you start on the path of living healthier, one of the ways to help you can help yourself be successful is by making health-related goals.

Having goals not only will give you something to work toward, but they can also be used to hold yourself accountable when sticking to your new lifestyles choices becomes tough.

To help provide some healthy goal inspiration, we asked several of the contestants in the 2019 Florence’s Biggest Loser to share what goals they want to achieve during the competition and beyond.

>> Melinda Fuller: “I need to lose weight, but more importantly, I need to develop healthy skills so I am more active in general. My work often keeps me confined indoors and staring at a computer screen for hours, so I am hoping that, over the next 10 weeks, this program will force me to get creative and figure out ways to work more activity into my daily routine so it becomes a habit. I have walked the Turkey Trot the last several years on Thanksgiving Day, and I would love to be able to run it in 2019!”

>> Christopher Gainey: “While I want to lose weight, I am not setting my sights on losing a specific number. Sure, losing 60-70 pounds would be a great amount of weight to lose, and I believe it’s an attainable goal and a maintainable amount to keep off, but I also believe there’s more to this program than losing weight. l believe it will be a great launching spot for creating new healthy lifestyle choices, revamping some current habits and the introduction to new physically demanding activities that I have been scared to try. I have a goal of participating in a 5k at the end of April 2019 and want to be able to successfully compete and run at least a 15-minute mile.”

>> Jessica Cauthen: “I want to be able to lose at least 20 pounds and be able to jog a whole lap around the gym without tiring out!”

>> Connie Rodgers: “My health goals for joining Florence’s Biggest Loser are to lower my blood pressure so that I can prayerfully come off the pills I have been prescribed, to lose weight, to have energy to do the things I need to do as well as the things I enjoy doing with my children, and to gain more knowledge about healthy eating.”

>> Kenny Segarra: “I have many goals, big and small, that I would like to accomplish in 2019. One of the more important goals I have for myself is to get to my goal weight of 180 pounds. In order to achieve this, I will have to lose a little bit over 50 pounds. But I believe that with the mentality and determination I have going into 2019, I will reach it in no time!”

>> Donna Dunham: “My goals are to lose at least 30-50 pounds, get back into working out and be able to walk a flight of stairs.”

>> Jennifer Brault: “For my goals, I am hoping to not only lose weight, but I also need to gain endurance and muscle tone that I am losing by not exercising. I also need a kick start again that I can keep after the program is over.”

Losing weight and eating healthier are great goals to have, but do not forget to look at other areas of your health that can be improved as well. Other ideas for goals you might want to make include lowering your cholesterol, reducing stress, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, adding a daily walk to your schedule or just getting more sleep at night.

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