County Board chairman leaves position for legislature seat

January 3, 2019

Gage County officials said goodbye to the chairman of the County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday after leading his last meeting on the board.

Myron Dorn was elected in November to serve the area as the District 30 representative with the state legislature.

His swearing in will be Wednesday, Jan. 9, and this was his last week after eight years as a County Board member.

Dorn’s top priority is a sales tax bill he’s introducing that would allow counties to collect sales tax to pay for federal judgments.

If approved the bill would help Gage County pay the $28.1 million Beatrice 6 judgment, and Dorn is optimistic some form of the bill be approved.

“Visiting with the senators up there, I think there’s a good possibility that can get passed through,” he said. “You never know what you’ll run into or how people view the bill and different aspects of it. That’s something I hope we can do just to relieve some of the pressure on property taxes since that’s the only way we can pay for it right now.”

Reflecting on his eight years on the County Board, Dorn said a variety of road improvement projects were some of the accomplishments he’s the most proud of.

A bond issue passed in 2013 for a 30-mile overlay project was one highlight.

“I’m proud of the road projects we did,” he said. “The bond that we did in 2013, that little over $5 million bond where we overlaid more than 30 miles and two new miles of road, was a big project.”

Another was a project years in the making to pave Hickory Road West of Highway 77. The 4.2-mile paving project that was completed in 2016.

Dorn was also part of a committee that rekindled the economic development partnership between Gage County and Beatrice.

Those discussions culminated in the creation of the NGage economic development group, which Dorn said is showing positive results for the area.

“We got back together with the city and got the NGage group going,” he said. “The economic development group, I am so proud and satisfied that we can now see the results and the positive things coming out of that. I think long term for the county and city, that has some really good prospects of being successful.”

Gary Lytle, vice chairman of the County Board, commended Dorn for his service during Wednesday’s meeting and said the outgoing chairman has played a crucial role in numerous projects in the last eight years.

“I can tell you there’s not anybody more dedicated to what we’ve done here the last eight years,” Lytle said. “It’s been a pleasure to work with him and I can sit here and list out everything that Myron’s been a part of and instrumental in, but it would take way too long to do it. It’s been an excellent eight years working with Myron.”

Dorn said one key to being successful on the County Board is not being afraid to ask questions and being patient.

Despite only having two regular meetings per month, Dorn said at times he was spending 30 hours a week working on County Board business, and you get as much out of the position as you’re willing to put in.

“At times we were putting in that much time,” he said. “The board takes as much time as you put into it. And to do a good job, it takes so much time.”

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