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LETTER: ‘A wake-up call’

Staff WriterMay 19, 2019

I was asked by a young mother if my wife and I had to fear our children being killed by a shooting at school, like she does for her children. We didn’t, my parents didn’t either, but unfortunately parents do now.

What was different then and kept them at bay was the way the rest of us treated each other. The more honorable and just we were as a society, the greater the level of safety and security we had.

There were all kinds of grave problems then as now, but we believed that as Americans we were working together to make things better. The future would be better.

Now there are too many people who see things getting worse and worse with greater and greater injustices. They believe no one will stand up for them and treat them with respect and honor, and they are angry. Yes, there are those with mental illnesses as well, but the treatment they need is often not a priority as well.

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