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Odds on Winning Powerball

July 27, 1998

The odds of one person matching all six numbers for the Powerball jackpot are 80.1 million to 1.

Statistically, the odds predict some odd things are more likely to happen than winning, according to ``The Book of Risks″ by Larry Laudan, a former philosophy professor at the University of Hawaii.

You are far more likely to be killed by an animal, electrocuted, die by poisoning, die as a result of surgery, be killed by falling from bed or even freezing to death than win all or part of the $250 million prize.

For example, the odds are:

_3 million to 1 of freezing to death.

_2 million to 1 of being killed falling out of bed or being killed by an animal.

_350,000 to 1 of being electrocuted.

_250,000 to 1 of dying in a plane crash.

_86,000 to 1 of dying from poisoning.

_5,000 to 1 of dying in a car crash.

_80,000 to 1 of dying from complications from surgery.

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