Ford’s claims deserve investigation -- Jane Noffke

September 25, 2018

President Donald Trump asks why didn’t the 15-year-old Christine Blasey Ford immediately report the alleged attack by Brett Kavanaugh to the police, if it was “as bad as she says?” It’s easy to imagine why: fear she would not be believed, fear the boy would say she wanted it and fear she would be despised and harassed.

So, with the help of psychological counseling, she has put it behind her. She is a successful woman with no reason to subject herself and her family to the hate and death threats they have received. Why report it now? Perhaps because when President Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the high court, she felt the weight of a responsibility was greater than her need for privacy.

Consider what is at stake. If confirmed, Kavanaugh will make decisions that directly affect the lives of every woman and girl in this country. He may be innocent of this charge, or -- like President Trump -- he may believe assaulting women is not so bad. Can we trust him to uphold laws that protect women from assault and workplace harassment?

We must have a thorough investigation before we put the well-being of generations of women in his hands.

Jane Noffke, Madison

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