6 moments on Twin Cities stages that will give you goosebumps

September 14, 2018


The moment: There are several options, but director Thomas Kail thinks its The Room Where It Happens.

Where to see it: Orpheum Theatre, through Oct. 7.

Why it stops the show: Kail says its Hamiltons equivalent of Rockin the Boat. The big build from the chorus and the gospel-like fervor of Burrs delivery (Ive got to be, Ive got to be in the room where it happens) send this Act 2 number over the top.

The God of Carnage

The moment: A woman, part of two couples who spend the whole drama bickering, suddenly starts projectile vomiting.

Where to see it: Lyric Arts, starting Oct. 3.

Why it stops the show: Its a spectacular effect one that has put props directors across the country to the test and it comes out of nowhere.

Mary Poppins

The moment: Step in Time.

Where to see it: Artistry, starting Oct. 6.

Why it stops the show: Nothing says showstopper more than a chorus line kicking in unison. Unless its a tap number. Step in Time has both, as a dozen chimney sweeps high-kick their way across the rooftops of London. Bonus points for the title character turning smokestacks into bongo drums.

Noises Off

The moment: A silent Act 2 scene in which the actors carry on a violent brawl backstage while attempting to keep up with their entrances and exits on stage.

Where to see it: Guthrie Theater, starting Oct. 27.

Why it stops the show: Its both a revealing glimpse at the behind-the-scenes drama in any show and a thrilling demonstration of how intricately each persons contributions fit together in the collaborative medium of theater.


The moment: Falling Slowly.

Where to see it: Theater Latt Da, through Oct. 21.

Why it stops the show: This hit is so well-known from the Oscar-winning film that the creators of the stage musical were smart to make it the second song. Were not quite sure what to expect yet but the lush melody indicates that the leads are falling, maybe not so slowly, in love.

Spring Awakening

The moment: Totally [----]ed.

Where to see it: The Lab Theater, through Sept. 30.

Why it stops the show: Spring Awakening is balanced between 19th-century Germany, when its supposedly set, and the present, which its meant to foreshadow. This chorus number transforms a 19th-century schoolroom into a rock concert, complete with squealing guitars and a light show.

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