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Survivor Testifies Against Winery Worker Accused in Rampage

September 21, 1990

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) _ A survivor of a wine country rampage that left seven dead testified Thursday that Ramon Salcido’s arms were covered with blood when the winery worker drove to his home and shot him.

Ken Butti, Salcido’s supervisor at the Grand Cru winery in Glen Ellen, said Salcido greeted him with ″something to the effect of ‘Hi, how you doing’ ″ and fired a handgun from his car, wounding him in the shoulder.

″I could see blood on his forearms, both arms,″ said Butti.

Butti’s wife, Terri, testified that Salcido pointed the pistol at her as he drove slowly from the Sonoma County home. She said she heard ″only a click″ and wasn’t sure the sound came from the gun.

The shooting occurred April 14, 1989, the same day Salcido killed his wife, two daughters, mother-in-law, two of her children and a co-worker at the winery about 40 miles north of San Francisco.

Defense attorney Marteen Miller concedes that Salcido killed the victims, but says his client was under pressure at work and home, had consumed drugs and alcohol and was in a ″psychotic depression″ that left him incapable of planning the spree.

Salcido therefore should not face the death penalty, Miller argues.

Earlier in the day, a coroner’s official testified that so little blood was left in 12-year-old Ruth Richards that it was difficult to obtain a blood sample.

Greg Berry, a deputy coroner from Sonoma County, helped perform autopsies on all seven victims.

It was difficult to get a blood sample because the girl, whose throat was cut, had ″bled out at the death scene.″

Salcido wiped his eyes when Berry identified blood samples from Salcido’s wife, Angela, and two of the couple’s daughters.

Salcido, who confessed when he was arrested in Mexico about a week after the slayings, faces seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder.

He is accused of fatally shooting Angela, 24, in the couple’s Boyes Hot Springs duplex and cutting the throats of their three daughters. Sofia, 4, and Teresa, 22 months, died. Carmina, then 2, survived.

He is also charged with the stabbing deaths of his mother-in-law, Marion Richards, 47, and her daughters, Ruth, and 8-year-old Marie. The three were slain in their Cotati home.

The other victim was Tracey Toovey, 35, Salcido’s co-worker. She was shot to death at the winery.

The trial was moved to San Mateo Superior Court because of excessive publicity in Sonoma County.