Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March 20, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Ron Gould and whoever else suggested that his new office be located to a more ADA accessible location. Nicely done!

Onions to the person or persons responsible for picking out door-prize-gifts this year. An Arabian belly dancer’s navel ruby? Are you serious? I’m an outie not an innie. How am I supposed to wear the thing? It’s not even a ruby. My jeweler said its red glass. You wasted club money on pure crap!

Orchids to Agave Physical Therapy. What a great experience! Special thanks to Mandy and Ronnie for your expertise and patience! Jinica for backup! Arianne for the insurance and scheduling. Brett and Kylee for all you do also! I highly recommend them! Pamela Wright

Onions to the Purple Deuce driving down Acoma who thinks our streets are his personal ash tray. Pretty sure it’s illegal to throw a burning object from a moving vehicle.

Orchids to the club who orders decks of cards in sealed envelopes for the great fundraiser. Could only be better by drawing more than one chance a week! Onions to the other clubs.

Onions to the restaurant for taking a reservation for 10 guests plus a dog. They put us in the tent, which was great, until the manager told my son we have to go outside when we were halfway through our meal. They sat us there, then ask us to move. No class or management finesse!

Orchids to Marin Window Blinds and Draperies. Matt and Cindy were the only people in town I could find able to repair and service our motorized curtains. Completed the job two days before expected and affordable!

Onions to the person complaining about their food service. Maybe if you took the stuff outta your mouth they’d be able to understand the difference between “ice tea” and “Hi-C.” It’s a hard job, especially when we deal with dummies you.

Orchids to Havasu Springs restaurant for the excellent service and food served to over 140 car club enthusiasts! Just like clockwork, no one seemed to have to wait! Will be back!

Onions to the establishment for getting rid of country line dance classes after 27 loyal years. Your reasons and excuses were outrageous. Your establishment seems to be faltering in many ways. Your loss.

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