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Two Dead, Six Injured in Shooting Spree

April 19, 1993

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) _ A man carrying grenades and an assault rifle and yelling ″What an adventure 3/8″ shot up a bar, a restaurant, businesses and cars, killing two people and wounding six.

After nearly half an hour of gunfire, the man was shot by police. He remained hospitalized Sunday.

″We were just sitting there waiting to die,″ said Jessica Cotanch, 18, who was sitting in a car at a stoplight. ″We didn’t know if we were going to get shot or what.″

The man, identified by police as Gene Baylis, 42, of Peyton, was apparently looking for someone he’d had an argument with when he entered Jim & I’s Star Bar late Saturday, said police Lt. Rich Resling. He described the tavern as a motorcyclists’ hangout.

Baylis was wearing a bulletproof vest and a belt with four hand grenades attached, and carried an AK-47 assault rifle, Resling said. Police did not immediately know if the grenades were real.

No charges had been filed as of early Sunday.

Baylis was thrown out of the bar by a bouncer and several patrons, but returned and started shooting, striking six of about 30 people inside, Resling said. One of them died in the hospital Sunday.

″Man, I just hit the floor,″ said Max E. Stafford, 40. ″He just kept shooting up in the air, and then he stopped and then he yelled something.″

Kerry Inman, 29, a member of a band performing at the bar, said Baylis yelled ″What an adventure 3/8″

″He kept yelling out,″ said Inman. ″He would walk outside and fire off some more rounds and then walk back in.″

Baylis eventually left the bar, pursued by the bouncer and some patrons, and opened fire again, fatally wounding one pursuer and damaging nearby cars, motorcycles and businesses, Resling said.

The gunman also shot up a pizza restaurant where 30 customers were eating.

Diner Kirk Gerard said the man walked nonchalantly in front of the restaurant window, firing as he went.

″It was a machine gun - just like Rambo in the movies,″ Gerard said. ″People were scattering.″

The gunman was then shot by police as he fumbled with his gun while sitting in a pickup they believe was his, Resling said.

The shooting had gone on for 20 or 30 minutes, said witness Cheryl Ellis, 27.

Baylis was in stable condition at St. Francis Hospital Sunday.

One of the wounded was in critical condition. Two were in stable condition and three were treated and released.

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