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Proponents of Democracy Expelled from Ruling Party

September 27, 1991

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) _ Three leaders of a group pressing for political reforms have been expelled from Kenya’s ruling party.

Martin Shikuku, Masinde Muliro and Ahmed Bamahriz were expelled from the Kenya African National Union on Thursday by its governing council.

The three are among six businessmen and out-of-favor politicians who launched the Forum for Restoration of Democracy, or Forum for Restoration of Democracy, in early August.

The group includes Kenya’s first vice president, Oginga Odinga, whose opposition National Democratic Party was denied registration early this year.

Shikuku and Muliro are veteran politicians who have alleged corruption and lack of accountability in President Daniel arap Moi’s government and the Kenya African National Union.

Although they are Kenya African National Union life members, Shikuku and Muliro say the ruling party needs opposition if it is to respond to the people’s wishes.

Forum for Restoration of Democracy members have said one of their goals was to force a repeal of a 1982 constitutional amendment that made the Kenya African National Union the sole legal party in the East African nation.

Moi has repeatedly described Forum for Restoration of Democracy as illegal and in recent speeches at public rallies said it aimed at destabilizing the country.

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