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Wife Of Former Senator Denies Involvement With Hart

December 19, 1987

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Terry Tydings, estranged wife of former Sen. Joseph Tydings, has denied in a television interview that she was the ″Washington woman″ linked in a published report with Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart.

Mrs. Tydings told WRC-TV on Friday that she has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with Hart.

″We had a very long-term and very close family relationship, the Tydings and the Hart families,″ she said. ″We go back to the mid-70s. We played tennis together, we had dinners together, we traveled together. We spent a great deal of time with the Harts, the whole Hart family.″

She said she had heard rumors that she was the ″Washington woman″ mentioned in a Washington Post article in May. The Post said at the time that it had presented Hart with evidence of a recent liaison with the woman but decided not to publish the evidence or the woman’s name after Hart dropped out of the race.

On Tuesday, Post Executive Editor Benjamin Bradlee said the newspaper would not reveal the identity of the woman, who the Post reported ″indirectly confirmed the relationship on condition she not be identified.″

Asked during the interview if she had ever had a romantic or sexual relationship with Hart, Mrs. Tydings replied, ″No, never.″

Ms. Tydings, who is involved in divorce proceedings from her husband, a former Democratic senator from Maryland, said she was shocked when reporters asked her if she was the woman referred to in the Post.

″We were in the middle of a very lengthy divorce trial ... and (there was) never any discussion or inference that Gary Hart had anything to do with the divorce, and he didn’t,″ she said.

Ms. Tydings said finally decided to respond to the rumors because ″I can’t just sit back and not say something.″

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