TC Line: Building a Wall

December 28, 2018

Mexico’s fault

Maybe Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall as Trump promised. It isn’t their fault that it’s not being built.

Trump and Mexico

Thank you, Donald Trump and Mexico. It’s a wonderful day.

Trump tricked you

I love how President Trump snookered the mainstream media, including the Longmont Times-Opinion, when he said he’d be alone at the White House and everybody took off after him, but he was actually in Iraq spending Christmas with our troops. Merry Christmas, heathens.

Can’t forgive city

I’ll never forgive our city government officials for running (the) Dillard’s store out of town. It was a truly quality place to shop.

Caller will be busy

I thought I’d call in my New Year’s resolutions. Next year, I resolve to call stupidity out wherever I see it. And considering that we have a Democratic controlled House of Representatives, I think I’m going to be real busy.

Answers about Obama

In regard to “Answer, please”: When Obama was president, Obama had the worst economic performance of any president since World War II. Millions of Americans fell below the poverty line, and the number of food stamp recipients soared, while the national debt doubled to $20 trillion. Obamacare was a disaster. At least 27 million Americans are still without health insurance, (with) many more added to Medicaid. Around foreign policy, he created a power vacuum into which terror networks expanded and the Taliban revived. When he wasn’t bowing to Third World dictators and apologizing for America’s mistakes, he was busy appeasing the same dictators. For eight years our nation was led by president intent on lowering America’s global profile. Need I say more?

TC never prints anything anti-Obama

We recall all the lies Obama told. How he shut down the government ... (because) things didn’t go his way. If he can do it, why can’t Trump? The closed border, too. (He) stopped raises three times for old people’s Social Security. (He) caused the stock market to go down, too. We wrote in about it, but you never print anything against Obama, even when he has done the same things Trump has. Why? Obama was worse. ... Go, Trump, go!

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