Calhoun family in GMA’s live audience

January 12, 2019

The day after Christmas, a local Calhoun family was sitting in Good Morning America’s live audience, participating in a few interactive activities and being broadcasted on national television.

It all started with the Arandas, longtime residents of Calhoun, wanting to go to New York for a holiday vacation. Angelica Aranda – the daughter of Angelica and Pedro Aranda, who spoke with the Calhoun Times – said that her family is a bit spread out due to each sibling currently pursuing degrees at various universities.

“I’m in graduate school at the University of South Florida in Tampa, so I’m finishing up my second masters in college student affairs,” said Angelica. “My sister is at the Georgia College of Dental Medicine in Augusta and my brother goes to Dalton (State College), so it was just an opportunity for us to get together because we’re always apart.”

Though the Aranda family consists of four children, those who were able to go to New York in December included Angelica (mother) and three of the four siblings: Angelica (daughter), 25, Rosalinda, 24, and Jorge, 21.

And the cool thing about their presence on the show is they were offered priority tickets to it, meaning they were able to sit in the front row directly behind some of the hosts.

“If you go to Good Morning America’s website they outline their process,” Angelica said. “Essentially you just put in your name to be waitlisted (for a certain date) and when that time is ready they’ll confirm you’re actually able to attend.”

She detailed how the family stayed active with their application and eventually they were selected as priority ticket holders, meaning they had to get to the studio early that morning in order to be at the beginning of the line.

The Arandas enjoyed being on the show, even though they were simply in the live audience, it was a neat experience to share together, according to Angelica. The 25-yearold laughed when she explained a bit of the morning show consisted of inviting audience members to participate in mini-exercises to make up for holiday feasting.

“It was really cool just to be there with my siblings and my mom and to be able to spend time together for the holidays,” Angelica said.

Good Morning America regularly offers free tickets to applicants who are interested in attending their show, though priority tickets are a bit more challenging to obtain, according to Angelica.

Angelica said her family was excited to be able to participate in the show as a part of their family vacation.

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