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Goat Predicts Snow In North Carolina With AM-Storm Rdp Bjt

January 7, 1988

SNOW CAMP, N.C. (AP) _ Lulu the goat trotted into her barn a few hours before dawn Thursday - and Superintendent Joe Sinclair knew he’d have to close the schools.

The goat, famed throughout North Carolina for remarkable accuracy in predicting snow, was on target again Thursday.

In normal weather, Lulu’s turf is a porch of a home in southern Alamance County. But when there’s a hint of snow in the air, she makes for the barn.

Seven times last winter Lulu accurately prognosticated snowfall by trotting to the cozy confines of the barn. At 4 a.m. Thursday, Lulu’s owner called Sinclair, Burlington City Schools superintendent, to say Lulu was well- entrenched in the barn.

″The word I got, based on that prediction, is that snow was forthcoming. And by 6:30, snow did arrive,″ Sinclair said.

Sinclair called off school for the day, and by afternoon, several inches of snow blanketed the ground.

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