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Rio Judge Doesn’t Skirt Clothing Issue

April 1, 1995

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) _ Revealing clothing has been outlawed at Rio’s municipal courthouse because of one jurist’s prudence.

For years, it was common to see women at the courthouse wearing shorts, tube tops or T-shirts cut above the waist and below the breasts.

On Friday, Judge Helena Belc Klauser cracked down. No more uncovered tummies, thighs or shoulders will be permitted in the tribunal.

It was a matter of decency, she said.

``I don’t want to upset anyone, just reestablish an adequate dress code in a serious place,″ Klauser said. ``I’ve seen too many incompatible excesses.″

Klauser also banished the miniskirt, which she said had gotten too mini for comfort.

``How short is too short?″ she said in a television interview. ``If the miniskirt doesn’t cover a woman’s thighs when she folds her legs _ well, that’s short enough.″

The new rules aren’t thrilling woman who work inside the courthouse, where air conditioning is feeble and indoor temperatures reach the 80s.

``Ridiculous,″ said Catia Cabral, 30. ``It’s hot in here, and who is she to impose her dress tastes on everyone else?″

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