We are lucky to have President Trump -- Russ Niesen

May 25, 2019

Matt Batzel’s May 18 column, ” Trump is great for Wisconsin and the Republican Party,” was right on the money in its response to the State Journal’s May 15 editorial attacking President Donald Trump, ” Trump is the state GOP’s real problem.

President Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 and his coattails brought in many additional conservatives to public service who worked very hard to benefit our beautiful Badger State. President Trump has promised and delivered the following accomplishments for the entire country:

He cut the mounds of red tape to allow United States and Wisconsin businesses to grow, prosper and open up jobs for very many people.He spearheaded large tax cuts for individuals and businesses, allowing them to grow and compete with foreign businesses.He presided over the lowest unemployment in this country since 1969 at just 3.6%. Economics textbooks define 4% as full employment.He appointed Supreme Court justices who understand that their job is to be umpires of the Constitution as it exists, and not creative constructionists of the Constitution.

These are but a few of President Trump’s accomplishments to help Wisconsin and the country grow, expand, prosper and succeed. We should thank our lucky stars we have him.

Russ Niesen, Cottage Grove

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