LinkedIn says it's working to combat Chinese spy accounts

UNDATED (AP) — LinkedIn says it's working to combat Chinese espionage activity targeting users of the online career network.

The Microsoft-owned service says it's partnering with U.S. law enforcement agencies after uncovering fake LinkedIn profiles and other fraudulent activity.

Reuters reports that William Evanina, who directs the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, says the U.S. government informed LinkedIn about China's "super aggressive" efforts to contact members on the site, apparently for the purpose of spy recruitment.

China's foreign ministry told Reuters it disputes Evanina's allegations.


Fantasy sports site DraftKings files lawsuit over attack

BOSTON (AP) — Daily fantasy sports giant DraftKings says it was attacked last month with a denial of service that prevented customers from using its website for a short time.

A federal judge in Massachusetts has issued an order allowing the company to seek the identities of those who launched a denial of service attack on Aug. 8.

DraftKings says the attack involved overwhelming the site for more than 20 minutes with three times the number of requests for information it normally receives.

The IP addresses of those involved in the attack were traced back to several service providers. DraftKings says the court order will allow them to subpoena those providers.

DraftKings says no confidential customer or company information was stolen.


Facebook adds Alaska's Inupiaq as language option

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — An Inupiat Eskimo language option is now available on Facebook, thanks to Alaskans who made it a reality through the social media giant's community translation tool.

The tool was launched a decade ago, and has allowed users to translate bookmarks, action buttons and other interface functions in more than 100 languages around the globe. The Inupiaq addition recently went live for those who employ Facebook's internal translation tool.

With the tool, it's the users who do the translating. Words are confirmed through crowd up-and- down voting.

For now, Facebook is being translated into Inupiaq only on and is not visible on the Facebook app.

The Inupiaq feature is currently in mid-translation. While a language is in the process of being translated, only those who use the translation tool are able to see it.