Liberals humiliated state for years -- Jodi Johnston

November 20, 2018

I knew after this last election I should prepare myself for the onslaught of left-wing views, but never did I anticipate what I have read and heard. It surpassed my wildest imagination.

We’ve seen letter after letter in the State Journal demanding Republicans behave themselves and roll over and obey. We need to accept the results like big boys and girls. Just like the left does.

Are you kidding me?

We’ve dealt with years of protests against Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Protesters took over the state Capitol and sang in the rotunda. Elected officials ran away to Illinois to avoid votes. Progressives have been making fools of themselves and making all of Wisconsin look like fools with them. It’s humiliating.

Now some letters to the editor are saying we need to make elections fair by abolishing the Electoral College and adopting the popular vote. Excuse me, but their ignorance is showing. Anyone who knows history knows the Electoral College was set up to prevent unfair elections. Without this, New York, Florida and California would decide all elections. Lower population states would have no say.

Learn history and try not to forget how the left behaved when Gov. Walker won and when Hillary Clinton lost.

Jodi Johnston, Fitchburg

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