Trump lights up Christmas, stable governance: Darcy cartoon

December 23, 2018

Trump lights up Christmas, stable governance: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Bad Santa Donald Trump delivered early Christmas gifts to Vladimir Putin, Syria, Iran, Turkey and ISIS.  To U.S. taxpayers and workers he delivered a government shutdown.  To revered U.S. General James-Guardrail-Mattis he delivered reason to resign in protest.

Instead of following the advice of General Mattis on Syria , Trump did the bidding of the authoritarian thug leading Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Without any advance notice to officials in the White House, Defense and State Departments, and U.S. allies, Trump abruptly announced that ISIS was defeated, which is false, and thus the  U.S. would be withdrawing troops from Syria.

Trump’s announcement emboldens U.S. adversaries Russia, Syria and Iran and betrays allies like the Kurds.   

U.S. soldiers have been training and fighting alongside Kurdish fighters, who have been instrumental in pushing back ISIS.   

Trump has opened the door for Turkey’s Erdogan to wipeout the Kurds, as he has wanted to do.  He has also opened the door to an ISIS resurgence, just as the premature pull-out of Afghanistan breathed new life into the Taliban.

Putin, Assad and Iran loved Trump’s retreat from Syria and the ISIS fight as much as Turkey.    Putin and Iran can now cement themselves as the major power players in the region.

Strengthening Russia, Iran, Assad and Erdogan weakens the U.S. and makes the nation less secure.

Instead of listening to immigration and border security experts, Trump chose to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter when it came to the Mexico border wall and a government shutdown.

The Trump-Limbaugh-Coulter shutdown is the third government shutdown in Trump’s two years as president.   

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent Senators home telling them not to expect to return until Thursday.   The shutdown could last until the new Democratic-led House of Representatives is seated in January.

In Congress, support for Humpty Dumpty Donald Trump’s wall  has been so weak that McConnell and Paul Ryan couldn’t deliver funding for it in the two years Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress.

Chuck and Nancy actually previously signed off on giving Trump his border wall funding, attached to DACA legislation.  But after agreeing to support the bill, Trump backed out, just has he did on the short-term funding deal the Senate and House had agreed to, before he heard from Limbaugh and Coulter.  

While Trump throws a tantrum over Mexico border security, he has said Bah Humbug! to U.S. security interests abroad and ethical, stable governance from the Executive and  Legislative branches.

Merry Chaosmess greetings from President Trump!   Just imagine what he has planned for New Years.

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