Goslings to geezers: 1968 alumni never lost school spirit

October 9, 2018

Richard and Lynne Uttech already celebrated one special anniversary -- now they’re celebrating another.

Richard, who is known as “Dick” to his high school classmates, celebrated 45 years of wedded bliss Aug. 5 with his wife, Lynne.

The couple were in Watertown Friday taking part in their 50-year high school reunion.

The Daily Times caught up with the loving couple and some of their friends from the 1968 graduating class to get their thoughts on the very special reunion held this past weekend.

“He was a nice guy,” said Lynne, a former Gosling cheerleader shortly before the homecoming parade began. “That’s why I married him.”

Richard, who played football for Watertown, remarked he was a lot quieter in high school.

The pair, who reigned as Watertown High School’s 1968 homecoming king and queen, stood atop a float secured with wood and chicken wire complete with blue and white crepe paper and a sign that read “Goslings to Geezers.”

Vicki Brom said the float took two days to construct, but said it wasn’t considered work.

“It was great,” she said. “I think all of us had a lot of fun putting it together.”

The float stood on the 400 block of Eighth Street.

“That was our high school and now it’s the YMCA,” Richard said.

When asked about his football team’s 0-8 record Richard just smiled and laughed.

“We had a perfect record,” said fellow classmate Neal Kohlhoff.

“We did have a good basketball team,” Richard said. “They were tough.”

His wife said there were no women’s sports in 1968.

“I think after we graduated there was track for the girls,” Lynne said. “But we didn’t have any sports to participate in -- no volleyball, softball or any sports for us.”

Linda Day, who is known as “The Boss” to those in town for the reunion, said the 1968 class held their dance Saturday at the Watertown Country Club.

“All of the music will be from 1968,” she said.

Looking back at her years enrolled in Watertown High School Day said she and her friends would cruise Main Street and hang out at the YAC (Youth Activity Center).

She said if anyone wanted to be someone they could be found at Turner Hall.

As for Watertown she said it was the “best little town she grew up in.”

Ken Strauss agreed.

“We had a lot of fun here,” he said looking at the high school.

Would he go back?

“In a heart beat,” he said. “Mainly to be young again. It was the best four years of my life.”

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