Autistic clients will feel right at home

August 28, 2018

DIXON – Kreider Services recently finished building a new home tailored for clients with autism that’s geared toward giving them more comfort and freedom.

The agency has spent the past 2 years on the project, located on about 5 acres behind Kreider’s accessibility park at the end of Anchor Road, and the specialized house accommodates four residents.

It contains a sensory room allowing residents to control lights and sounds when they need to re-center themselves or are just looking for space away from everything, and there’s a circular path inside the home for them to walk – those on the autism spectrum often enjoy pacing in circles.

“They have space that they can control that’s calming to them, and it’s a beautiful home,” Kreider CEO Jeff Stauter said. “They will have a little bit more freedom in their daily life they hadn’t had previously.”

One of the residents with pica behavior, the tendency to eat things that aren’t food, such as grass, has always needed supervision when going outside, but now will be able to be more independent because of the house’s concrete patio, Stauter said.

There also are different features in the home, such as textured fabric art and roller pins resident can interact with, and their rooms are personalized with colors and decorations.

The project totaled about $400,000, and most of the funds came from the sale of a home the agency owned next to Bonnell Industries, to Joe and Cindy Bonnell, that will allow the company at 1385 Franklin Grove Road expand.

It’s a unique, state-of-the-art home designed after researching many different autism facilities and programs, Stauter said.

Kreider clients going through job skills training also worked alongside maintenance and building staff to help with interior construction for the home.

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